Planned Features

Possible upcoming features:

  • Manually add additional items to an auto generated shop
  • Ability to create Item Packs. Colelction of items a GM can bulk add to a shop

Recent Changes

April 2020

  • Added the ability to export a shop to CSV. Look for the export link when viewing a shop. There could be some edge cases I've missed so expect possible issues. Big thanks to Austin for buying me some coffee and suggesting the idea!

February 2019

  • Custom Shops - Select any items and set the prices for your shop instead of relying on dice rolls

December 2018

  • Added the original item price for GMs to see
  • Added option to skip marking up items
  • Fixed item markup. Was not randomly picking a value for the markup percentage of each item
  • Fixed store size when regenerating the shop. Previously shop size values weren't being used

November 2018

  • GMs can create their own specialized shops now
  • Item Quantities Beta (Only on account created shops): A GM can increase/decrease an item quantity which will then update for all users viewing the shop. This could break randomly until a better implementation happens.