Create New Shop

Selects the shop type which modifies the chance of finding restricted items.

On The Level
The chance of finding restricted items or lightsabers is extremely rare.
Plenty of restricted items and the occasional lightsaber. Prices tend to be a bit more expensive.
Black Market
Most everything can be found...for a price.

Selects the shop specialization which limits the types of items that will be shown

Armor Shop
Armor attachments and clothing
Gear Shop
All types of gear include Cybernetics, Droids, and Tools
General Store
A little bit of everything
The Scruffy Nerfherder
Drugs and Consumables
Weapons Shop
For all your weapon needs
Optional: Add Challenge dice to bump up the difficulty
Age of Rebellion
Edge of the Empire
Force and Destiny

Note: Free shops expire after 24 hours. Want to save a shop forever? Sign up